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Winning Work

Bad News! Despite what we would all like to believe, You don’t win competitive pursuits because you are better than you competitors!

winning workDale Carnegie said “the only way to influence someone is to find out what they want and show them how to get it.” And you only do that by listening to each person involved in the decision; not selling to them but listening and understanding, not only what they want but why they want it. Then if you can demonstrate that selecting you is their best way of getting it, you win. 

We preach, teach and apply a rigorous and disciplined approach to winning strategic projects. It is built on the wisdom of some of the most brilliant marketing minds in our business. These dynamic approaches have adapted to current A/E/C procurement practices based on Steve’s nearly 40 years of professional services marketing and delivery experience.

And the results speak for themselves. Since founding SRWalker & Associates in 2005, our client “Hit Ratio” on competitive pursuits, when applying these tools from opportunity identification to selection has consistently been above 75%.

Pursuit Roadmap

What our clients are saying

"Steve Walker worked closely with a three-way joint venture of engineering firms over a period of eight months, resulting in a major project success. Steve served as our lead consultant strategist for the team. He facilitated our early discussions about approach and themes, pushed us to develop an early complete draft proposal, personally supervised the final proposal and production, and then took charge of preparing our team for interviews including a second, tie-breaking four-hour session.

Throughout this process Steve skillfully led a large, opinionated group of experts to shape a winning strategy. He then championed that strategy and helped the team stay focused to implement it. Everyone involved in this pursuit agrees that Steve’s leadership was one of the keys to our success. We would not have been as prepared, or as sharp, or as focused, without his persistence and his patience.

Steve has a rare talent for knowing when to facilitate, and when to challenge team members. He brought to this process many years of experience in business development and marketing. His sense of strategy and focus was a big part of our winning combination."

Richard Page, PhD, PE, HNTB (Ret)

"The chance to work with Steve some months ago was a bit of a revelation. Steve took principles I knew instinctively and spelled them out for a client’s pursuit team in a way that everyone was able to understand and actually use in building our strategy, presentation, and interview prep. Because of Steve’s structure and facilitation, a collaboration that could easily have been chaotic was directed, focused, and brought out the best from individual team members. Being part of that effort was extremely rewarding."

Cynthia Monroe, Talking Link Communications

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