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Project Successes

Some project pursuits are just too important to your firm to come in second. These are the Transformational Pursuits that demand your absolute best.

The rigorous, disciplined approach we offer is helped many firms win these strategic opportunities. Here are just a few examples of major strategic pursuits SRWA has led or coached to winning results.


Project Team


Sound Transit

Sound Transit. Seattle WA. University and North Link Light Rail Segment Designs.

North Link Transit Partners (NTP) Joint Venture, led by Jacobs Associates

Jacobson Associates

Originally advertised as a single $1.6B Light Rail Design Project, Sound transit later elected to break the project into two separate segments and procure each separately. Jacobs Associates and their JV Partners faced daunting competition from a strong and well-positioned incumbent After a 9 month process of positioning and a creative campaign strategy, JA was able to win both competitions. SRWA lead both pursuits.

Tillicum Crossing

Portland Tillicum Crossing Lt Rail, Bike/Ped bridge engineering design


This Iconic multi-use bridge set a new standard for Portland’s impressive family of beautiful bridge structures. HNTB was responsible for initial bridge type study, conceptual and preliminary design, preparation of plans and RFP for the design-build contract and provided parallel final design and services during construction. Steve coached and supported HNTB’s team throughout the strategy, positioning, and selection process.

Balch Creek Tunnel

City of Portland. Balch Creek CSO Tunnel


Making the transition from "hard dollar bid" projects to alternative delivery procurement such as Design/Build and CM/GC can be challenging for many contractors. Steve worked with the staff at JWFowler to successfully compete for the City of Portland’s first major CSO tunneling project that used CM/GC procurement. Both the City and JWF considered this pioneering project to be an awarding winning success.

Donlin Gold

USACOE. Donlin Gold. Environmental Impact Statement


The environmental approval process for mining operations in rural Alaska is a complex and demanding process. Over a period of many months, Steve worked with the URS team of scientists, environmental experts, public process leaders and community members to develop a winning strategy for this critical project.

Seattle City Light

Seattle City Light. Gorge 2nd Tunnel

Jacobs Associates


Getting the maximum production from existing facilities is both economically and environmentally sound. The 2nd tunnel project meant more energy without additional environmental impacts. JA and HDR teamed up to win this creative and challenging project. Steve worked the team to develop their winning message, campaign strategy and communications.

Additional recent successful project pursuits


Project Team

Bridge Creek Water Project

City of Bend, Oregon. Bridge Creek Water Project


CA Rail System

California High Speed Rail System Multiple segments


Copper Valley

Copper Valley Electric Association, Glenallen, AK. Allison Creek Hydropower Project

Mowat Construction Company

Client Testimonial

“James W. Fowler Co. has worked with SR Walker & Associates on several major project pursuits. With Steve’s coaching, we’ve been able to identify the owner’s underlying needs and convey how our company will address them for a successful project. He recently helped us win a $70 million project, the largest project in company history, beating two national competitors.”

John Fowler
Executive Vice President
James W. Fowler Co.

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