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Strategic Planning

Targeted strategies tailored to your firm.

strategic planning How big do you want your firm to be? What markets or geographic areas do you want to serve? Is it time to rethink your management or ownership structure? Has your business hit a plateau? Are you losing market share to you competitors?

All markets evolve. Conditions change. New opportunities come – and go. What is your strategy for adapting, growing, thriving? A sound strategic plan is your roadmap.

Strategic planning is not a notebook that sits on your bookshelf. It’s not a “feel good exercise” to justify a wishful thinking version of your firm’s future. Hope (as the saying goes) is not a strategy. To be of lasting value, a strategic plan must be founded on an uncompromising evaluation of the trends and drivers that impact your business and that of your clients. And it demands an unflinching evaluation of your firm’s strengths and weaknesses. Finally, it needs a commitment to action that will create the future you envision.

Using proven practices, SRWA can help guide your firm by:

  • Evaluating market trends and drivers
  • Identifying new or growing opportunities that fit your firm
  • Implementing strategies to build from these opportunities

Strategic Planning Process

What our clients are saying

Dear Steve:

On behalf of our firm, please accept our thanks for the excellent planning & training sessions you’ve led over the past several months. The sessions were informative, interactive and inspiring. We’ve been able to effectively implement many of the aspects of our strategic plan, due to the consensus we achieved during the strategic planning sessions. Our marketing efforts have been much more focused, and more importantly, successful since we began implementing the techniques we learned. Our relationships with key clients have improved as well. I’m just as pleased with our recent wins, as with our improved ability to pass on the low probability proposals for which we are not well positioned.

I’d gladly recommend your services to anyone except our competitors…let them learn the hard way!


JE Fuller/Hydrology & Geomorphology, Inc.

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