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Transformational consulting

for professional services providers

Transformation happens in many ways: Getting to the top and staying on top in the competitive and rapidly changing world of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (A/E/C) services means continually growing, adapting, innovating - in short, transforming. Your marketing program is an essential and demanding part of this competitive environment. SR Walker & Associates provides the kind of transformational consulting support your firm depends on to thrive and grow.

  • Focusing and energizing your firm with a clear and actionable vision
  • Reaching the next level in your marketplace by winning key strategic projects
  • Building your technical staff into a confident marketing team that wins what they target
  • Growing your client relationships from "one of the competitors" to "our trusted advisor"

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Our Services

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Creating a clear vision and making it a reality.
Winning Strategic Pursuits

Winning Strategic Pursuits

Leading and coaching effective campaigns to win key projects and improve the return on your marketing investment.
Marketing Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Marketing Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Building a marketing culture and making every member of your firm a confident marketer.
Client Relationship Building

Client Relationship Building

Getting real, meaningful feedback and supporting your client stewardship program.

5 Strategies for marketing Success:

  1. Instill a marketing mentality:
    Every member of your firm is a marketer. Every client contact is a marketing call.

  2. Choose your clients as carefully as they choose you:
    A Request for Proposal is not a subpoena.

  3. Build personal relationships:
    When all things are equal, clients hire friends. And when they are not equal? They still hire friends.

  4. Invest in proactive marketing:
    By the time the RFP is published, someone has already won.

  5. Deliver and market while executing the project.
    Excellent delivery is your best marketing strategy. (See Strategy 1)

Marketing keys

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Our clients say it best!

  • “We’ve been able to effectively implement many of the aspects of our strategic plan, due to the consensus we achieved during the strategic planning sessions.

    Our marketing efforts have been much more focused, and more importantly, successful since we began implementing the techniques we learned. Our relationships with key clients have improved as well.

    I’m just as pleased with our recent wins, as with our improved ability to pass on the low probability proposals for which we are not well positioned.”

    Jonathan Fuller
    Principal, JE Fuller
    Hydrology & Geomorphology, Inc. 

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S.R.Walker and Associates, Inc is a professional services consulting firm providing strategic planning, marketing and management consulting, training and coaching.
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