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Marketing Matters: January 2016


A team I supported lost one recently. It was an important one. They had a great team and worked hard to position and compete. I hate that. My clients pay me to help them win, and my track record is good. But that doesn’t make it hurt any less when we lose.

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Client Selection Process

Select your clients as carefully as they select you.

client selection process

Step 1: Define desirable client characteristics.

What makes a good client? What would make you want to work with them again? What would make you NOT want to work with them again? List the characteristics, then weight them.

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Proposal Review Process

Quality reviews play a critical role in a winning proposal. This document summarizes several proposal review steps that can significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your proposals.

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Advocacy Evaluation

1. Identify Who to Focus on First

Don’t try to work with everyone all at once. Focus your energies on a small group who can help you create a “tipping point” or “ripple effect” that touches and changes the rest of the organization.

  • Select “Key Influencers” – leaders who are well respected and persuasive, or have an ability to unlock/block access to key resources. For example, you could focus on middle managers, and more specifically, operations middle managers plus influential non-operations middle managers.

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    Mining On-Call, IDIQ and Roster Contracts

    Winning that on-call contract is typically not a guarantee of work. It is a license to win work. Now you have to “mine” the opportunities. Waiting for the phone to ring is not enough. Here are some steps that will help you maximize the value of that contract and your relationship with your client. Success requires that you execute a rigorous marketing plan just like for any competitive selection.

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    Follow the Money to Your Next Project


    If you provide or market A/E services, you’ve heard it many times: “When the RFP comes out, you’re too late”. Firms that position their team months in advance, win most of the time.  So, how do they find out about coming projects before the RFPs are published?

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    Marketing Matters: The self-inflicted boom/bust cycle of consulting

    The cycle is endemic in our business. You’ve all seen it. Your backlog is light, so you turn your attention to that great marketing plan you created and what happens? You start to win work and good things happen. The world is looking pretty bright again. But then, you get busy and that great marketing that got you there starts to slide from the top of your list to “maybe tomorrow”. You are “too busy to market”. Then, all too soon, you look up from your desk and see that you are running out of work and the future looks scary. And the cycle repeats… Again…

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    Marketing Matters: So what do I do with all of these cards?

    After a recent national conference, I was talking with a young engineer over a beer. “OK”, she said, “this is my first national conference. I met a lot of new contacts. Now what do I with all these cards?” What a great question. When I attend a conference, I usually have a plan of specific contacts I intend to make, each with a specific objective. But what about all those contacts that just happen naturally when a group of professionals gets together?

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    Who are we?

    S.R.Walker and Associates, Inc is a professional services consulting firm providing strategic planning, marketing and management consulting, training and coaching.

    Our services include:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Winning Work
    • Training & Coaching
    • Client Relationships
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    5 Strategies for marketing Success:

    1. Instill a marketing mentality:
      Every member of your firm is a marketer. Every client contact is a marketing call.

    2. Choose your clients as carefully as they choose you:
      A Request for Proposal is not a subpoena.

    3. Build personal relationships:
      When all things are equal, clients hire friends. And when they are not equal? They still hire friends.

    4. Invest in proactive marketing:
      By the time the RFP is published, someone has already won.

    5. Deliver and market while executing the project.
      Excellent delivery is your best marketing strategy. (See Strategy 1)

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    About us

    S.R.Walker and Associates, Inc is a professional services consulting firm providing strategic planning, marketing and management consulting, training and coaching.
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